Graphics Editing


The image which is taken by the camera or drawn by the painter may not be perfect. It needs editing.

The changing of images by using graphics software is called Graphics Editing.

The image editing means Changing or improving graphics images. It typically refers to bitmapped images rather than vector graphics drawings. Using an image editor, images can be modified by an artist using pen, brush, airbrush and other (painting) tools.


Photoshop is Adobe’s photo editing,image creation and graphic design software.

The software provides many image editing features for raster (pixel-based) images as well as vector graphics. It uses a layer-based editing system that facilates image cretion and altering with multiple overlays that support transparency.

How to open a photo-shop

  • Select start
  • Select Adobephoto shop cs (or find the photoshop icon and click)

Insert a photo in photoshop

  • Select File
  • Select Open
  • Select File Name
  • Select Open

Changing the Size of Image

To check the image size:

  • Select image
  • Select image size

Here,the size of the image is PP size. That is 194*259 pixels or 2.693*3.597 inches.

Let’s increase the size of this image

  • Select image
  • Select image size
  • A dialog box of image size appears.
  • Change width to 4.694 for width
  • Change height to 6.267
  • Select ok

The size of the image enlarged as shown in the figure:

So, goto the image ,image size and change the dimension of the image select ok. Your image will be changed accordingly.

Format of image

Change the Format of the image

Changing the format of the image means saving the file in another format. For example :if the file is in BMP format, then you can change it into JPG. Why to change the format ? Because if the file is in BMP format, the size is very big. When the size is very big, it is difficult or takes more time to transfer one computer to another. A file “nature.bmp” has been taken and saved in the different formats (the format has changed to different formats). See the file size taken by the files.

eps file is the uncompressed vector file format, so the size is big and jpg file is most compressed and has a small file size. JPG files are suitable for uploading and dowlanding due to having a small size .

How to change the format of the file?

Draw a figure in Ms-paint(paint–brush, Ms-3d paint, any one). Or open a picture. Then save it in BMP extension because bmp is an uncompressed file format.

  • Close ms-paint
  • Open PhotoShop CS
  • In PhotoShop,
  • Select open
  • Select the file name (which you had made in Ms-Paint)
  • Select open button.
  • The file will be opened.
  • Now save the file in a different format. Like
  • Select file->Save as->type the file name in file name text box.
  • To select the format name select “save as type” button format.

There you will find many file format options. Select the required format and select save button.

In this way, go on opening the same BMP file and save it in a different file format. After that go to your file-saved folder and check the file sizes.

And analyze the relative file size with BMP to other file format.

In left side is the analysis of the file comperession in percentage with respect to WMF file size.

Text and selection tool

In photoshop, we not only use photo in the editor but also we can add the text. To add the text there is “T” or text tool in the tool bar. Press the tool and write.


  • Select Tool

Bring the cursor to the canvas and click at the desired place.

The text writing icon appears.

  • Type the text.

Options for text

  • Write click at the T icon.

We have 1. Horizontal type tool 2. Vertical type tool 3. Horizontal type mask tool and 4. Vertical type mast tool.

Select any one as you like and write the text.

  • Open tool bar for text
  1. Text orientation button: which changes vertical to horizontal and vice versa.

2. Set the font family : you can change the font name as you like.

3. Set the font style :Where you can change medium, bold, bold italic styles. Style depends on the font family.

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