Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys of Ctrl Key, Shift key with navigation keys (delete, arrow, home, end, pageup, pagedown)

Tab keyTab + Shift Key
Goto Right CellGoto Left Cell
Up Arrow Key/ Shift + EnterDown Arrow Key/ Enter key
Goto up CellGoto Down Cell
Ctrl + LeftCtrl + Up
Goto First Cell of Row/Content Goto First Cell of Column/Content
Ctrl + RightCtrl + Down
Goto Last Cell of Row/ContentGoto Last Cell of Column/Content
Ctrl + shift + LeftCtrl + Shift + Up
Selects the left side row from the cursorSelects the up side row from the cursor
Ctrl + Shitf + RightCtrl + Shift + Down
Selects the right side row from the cursorSelects the down side row from the cursor
HomeCtrl + Home
Goto first cell of the rowGoto A1 cell
Ctrl + EndCtrl + Shift + End
Move to last Content of CellSelect Content Cells After the cursor
Ctrl + Shift + HomeCtrl + Shift + End
Selects from cursor to A1 CellSelects from cursor to the last content of the cell
Or if blank selcts from cursor to A1 cell
Pagedown / Shift + PagedownPageup/ Shift + Pageup
Goto down next screen Goto up next screen
Alt + Pagedown/ Shift + Alt + PagedownAlt + Pageup/ Shift + Alt + Pageup
Goto right next screenGoto left next screen
Ctrl + PagedownCtrl + Pageup
Move to next right sheetMove to next left sheet
Deletes to right sideDeletes to leftside
Ctrl + DeleteCtrl + Backspace
Delete one word to right sideDelete one word to left side
Shortcuts of Navigation Key

Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys of Ctrl Key from A to Z

Here we discuss about the microsoft excel shortcuts. Though there are many microsoft excel short cuty keys in excel. Here in this table we list shortcut key of Ctrl + (From A to Z).

Ctrl + ACtrl + BCtrl + CCtrl + D
Select AllBold TxtCopyFill down
Ctrl + FCtrl + GCtrl + HCtrl + I
FindGotoFind and ReplaceItalics
Ctrl + KCtrl + LCtrl + NCtrl + O
Insert HyperlinkCreate TableCreate new WorkbookOpen Workbook
Ctrl + PCtrl + RCtrl + SCtrl + T
PrintFill RightSaveCreate Table
Ctrl + UCtrl + VCtrl + WCtrl + X
UnderlinePasteClose Current WorkbookCut
Ctrl + Y Ctrl + Z
Short keys of Ctrl + (A to Z)

Note :

Ctrl + E 
Ctrl + J
Ctrl + M
Ctrl + Q
  These four keys are unassigned keys in Excel Shortcuts.  

Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys of Ctrl and Shift Key from 0 to 9

Ctrl + ~ (tile)Ctrl + Shift + ~ (tile)Ctrl +1Ctrl + Shift + 1
Show FormulaApply General Number Formatshow Format Cell WindowApply to Number format
Ctrl + 2Ctrl + Shift + 2Ctrl + 3Ctrl + Shift + 3
BoldShow custom timeItalicsShow Date
Ctrl + 4 Ctrl + Shift + 4Ctrl + 5 Ctrl + Shift + 5
UnderlineApply Currency $ formatStrikeApply Percentage format
Ctrl + 6Ctrl + Shift + 6Ctrl + 7Ctrl + Shift + 7
Hide/Show ObjectApply Scientific FormatNot assignedOutline border
Ctrl + 8Ctrl + Shift + 8Ctrl + 9Ctrl + Shift + 9
Show/hide outline of subtotalShow/hide outline of subtotalHide RowShow Row
Ctrl + 0Ctrl + Shift + 0Ctrl + –Ctrl + Shift + _
Hide Column Not assignedDelete Row CellRemove all border
Ctrl + +Ctrl + Shift + +Ctrl + ‘Ctrl + Shift + ‘
Insert RowFill down valueFill down value
Ctrl + ;Ctrl + Shift + :
Current DateCurrent Time

Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys of Function Key from F1 to F12

F1Ctrl + F1Shitf + F1Shift + Alt + F1
HelpHide/Unhide RibbonCreate Chart in Same sheetAdd New Sheet
F2Ctrl + F2Shift + F2Shift + Alt + F2
Edit ModePrint PreviewInsert/Create New CommentSave As
Alt + F2Alt + F2Ctrl+Alt+F2
Save AsPrintOpen Window
F3Ctrl + F3Shift + F3Ctrl+ Shift+F3
Paste Name ManagerOpen Name ManagerInsert FunctionCreate Name manager from row and column level
Ctrl +Alt + F3
Create New Name Manager
F4Ctrl + F4Alt + F4
i. Change reference to $ (locks the cell)
ii. Repeat Action of Copy Paste for once
iii. Repeat the color action done in chart
Close One Work bookExit/Close Whole Excel
F5Ctrl + F5Shift + F5
Goto Dialog BoxRestore current windowFind and Replace in selected cell
F6Ctrl +F6Ctrl +Shift + F6
Move to Different PaneSwitch between different workbook without mouseSame as F6
F7Ctrl + F7Shift + F7
Check Spelling ErrorMove different Work bookThesarus/ Research
F8Ctrl + F8Shift + F8Alt + F8
Extend Selection
–> Press Esc for escaping
To activate the restore move signExtend Selection as neededOpen Macro if exist
F9Ctrl + F9Shift + F9
Update Manual WorkOnly minimize workbookUpdate Manual Work
F10Ctrl + F10Alt + F10
Activate MenuRestore WorkbookOpen dialog box of Selection Shapes
F11Ctrl + F11Shift + F11Alt + F11
Make New Chart in New SheetAdd Macro SheetAdd new Work SheetAcive Visual Basic
F12Ctrl + F12Shift + F12Ctrl + Shift + F12
Save AsOpen Dialog BoxSave AsPrint

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